90 Day Lash Course
90 Day Lash Course
90 Day Lash Course
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90 Day Lash Course

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Master Lash Course Curriculum Master the Industry in 90 days:
Class type: Beginners-Advanced Class Size: 1-100
Duration: 3-7 days- Full Completion: 3 months
Kit: Purchased Separately Support: Lifetime
Course requirements: Practical Exam, Theory, Assignments, Case study, 80% above
Certification: Certificate of Completion
22 comprehensive in-class modules -Introduction of History, Growth & Innovation
+Innovators, Bios, and Contribution
+Lash history -Anatomy
+Eyelash and Eyelash structure +Functions
+Lash knowledge
+Skin knowledge
-Product Knowledge & Safety Information +Adhesive 101
+USA Safety standards

+Product line’s Recommendations & Product training
+Emergency Situations -Work-space Set up
+Basic Setup
+Desired Setup
-Sanitation, Sterilization & Disinfecting
+United States standards
+Cross Contamination procedures +Tools, Implements, & disposables +Airborne Chemicals & Vapors +Posture
+Allergic Reactions
-Eye conditions and Contraindications & Allergies +Eye Diseases & Disorders
+Client Contraindication
-Client Preparation +Consultations
+Patch Test
+Prep Instructions
-Eye conditions and Contraindications & Allergies
+Eye Disease & Disorders Basic

-Client Preparation +Consultations
+Patch Test
+Prep Instructions +Application preparation steps
-Tape/Gel Patches +How to Steps
+Product Knowledge
+Advance Tapping method -Style Guide & Eye Shapes
+Lash Shaping Styles +Eye Sets
+Styling for your client +Cat Eye Styling +Open Eye Styling +Natural Sweep +Reversed Cat Eye +Texturizing
+Style Map, Backbone +960 Mastery Styles
-Lash Application
+Full sets step by step
+Re-visit client pre +Revisit Tape/Gel Patches +Re-Visit Client Care

+Proper sizing, length, weight & curl
+Blooming & overworking -Lower lash Application
+How to Size & Step by Step -Removals
+Cream vs Gel Removers +Dry manual remover +Full set Removals +Spot Removals
-Fill Application
+What to look for
+Shed Patterns, Identify and Seasonal +How to Re-shape
+Incorrect Sizing
-Advanced Lashing Techniques +Mixing Curls
+Drooping, Correction, and Intentional Lashing +Using Curls to enhance
+Inner and Outer Corners +Transitioning
+Adding Volume +Russian Volume +American Volume +Mega Volume

-Business Set Up +Business Entity
+Business Bank Account
+Business Funding -Marketing
+Websites +Emails
+Blast Messages +Social Media
+ Google
+Face to face interaction -Customer Service
+How to handle Irate Clients +When to run sales +Customer Retention
-Becoming a vendor
+What to look for
+Profit and loss
+How to protect your money +How to gain sakes
-Becoming an educator +Are you truly ready +What to teach

+Understanding students +Course Material +Revisiting Marketing

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